Skala Radio was shut down, Mandic on the “defense of the state” only on the Internet

The medium still functions as an internet portal, and it also places information on its pages on social networks

Mandic, Photo: News

The company Maxko from Kotor, which is based on the private Skala radio owned by Slavko Mandić from Kotor, at its own request, was left without a license to broadcast a general radio program issued to it by the Electronic Media Agency.

AEM made such a decision on March 1, on which date all rights and obligations that Slavko Mandić’s private radio had on the basis of the Approval for broadcasting the general radio program cease to be valid.

The scale submitted a notification to AEM on February 22 that it would stop broadcasting at noon on February 26.

The Notice states that “the company ‘Maxko’ doo, which includes ‘Skala Radio’ due to pronounced financial problems, is no longer able to broadcast the program”, and that “‘Skala Radio’ will stop broadcasting the program on Friday, 26. February 2021 at 12:00 p.m. After more than 19 years, the company was forced to shut down, and thus “Skala Radio” – it is written, among other things, in the decision of the AEM to revoke the license for broadcasting programs to Mandic’s radio.

The decision also states that Maxko is obliged to pay AEM a little over 843 euros in the name of the due fee for broadcasting the program in 2021, concluding with the closing date of Skala Radio.

Although Skala Radio has stopped broadcasting radio programs, this medium still functions as an Internet portal, and it also places information on its social media pages.

Thus, Mandic, known as an outspoken supporter of the DPS and the former Montenegrin government, published his latest column on the portal of his shut down radio called “DvInter, Podopadanije Ljuborukic and Zdravstvenija Kovidovic Vakcinic” in which he again sharply and with a series of insults, attacked Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić, Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović and Minister of Health Dr. Jelena Borovinić-Bojović.

One of the latest pieces of information that Skala published in its regular radio program was a fake news about a fictitious interview that Mirsad Jahovic, the correspondent of that media from the USA, a truck driver from Chicago and the president of the emigrant association “Union CG US Global”, allegedly gave Democrat Senator Dick Durban, in which he allegedly said that the new administration of US President Joe Biden knows everything about the “Serbian and Russian attacks on Montenegro” through the current Montenegrin government and that he will know how to prevent it.

This false news was then uncritically transmitted by media close to the DPS, such as Antena M, CdM, Aktuelno and the like, and analysts such as Ljubo Filipović, and it was widely covered in a special show by the editor and owner of Antena M Darko Šuković and the president of the NGO European movement in Montenegro and the President of the Council of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Momcilo Radulovic.

Most of those media, but not Skala Radio, later apologized to the public when it was revealed that Senator Durbin did not give any statement to the Montenegrin media at all, and he said at least what Skala Radio attributed to him. The only news “caught” by Mandic’s radio from Montenegrin politicians was “caught” by SDP Secretary General Ivan Vujovic, who, based on the fabricated statement of the US senator given to Skala Radio, spoke about Durban’s position as the most serious warning and diagnosis of the situation in Montenegro. . ”

Particularly worrying is Senator Durban’s claim about the role of the Serbian BIA in the events in Montenegro and the infiltration of the Serbian intelligence service into the ranks of the new Montenegrin government. “-” said “the SDP Secretary General in a statement issued on Friday, February 26, she placed that false news, she stopped broadcasting the program.

Vujovic and the SDP did not comment on their statement based on false news.

By the way, Skala Radio was founded by Slavno Mandić 19 years ago because he was then removed from the position of director of the local Radio Kotor, after a coalition of LSCG and the then alliance of unionist parties “Together for Yugoslavia” came to power in that city.

In the past period, Skala proved to be an undisguised propaganda machine of the DPS and its close parties, and Mandic, through the waves and the portal of his media, brutally and at times very insultingly dealt with everyone who expressed views contrary to his and those of the DPS. Although he did not perform the function of a local public service because it is Radio Kotor founded and financed by the Municipality of Kotor, Mandic managed to “attach” his private to the municipal budget under very controversial circumstances, so in the last ten years the Kotor DPS administration has received a total of over 100 thousand euros.

The financial tap of the Municipality of Kotor was twice “turned off” by the current mayor of Kotor, Vladimir Jokić (Democrats), and after the DPS joined the opposition at the state level, the payments that Skala regularly paid to various local and state companies in previous years dried up. companies whose owners are close to the DPS, so Mandic’s radio got into serious financial difficulties.

Mandic even tried to sell Skala Radio for ten thousand euros, but he was not interested in taking over the media with the mortgage of a propaganda newspaper close to the former government. A few months ago, through the portal Skala Mandić, they even launched an action to animate citizens and the economy to help the survival of Skala Radio with voluntary financial contributions, but even that did not give tangible results, so Mandić was pressured by debts to his own journalists and technical staff. to pay hefty final court damages to the people he slandered through his media, decided to “put the key in the lock” and disappear from the Montenegrin airwaves.